It´s about myself, Christoph Pressler, Chrisseven, Elvis. I´m one of the editors of www.continentseven.com, travel journalist, board tester for Starboard, passionate windsurfer, former PWA World Cup rider and a professional windsurfing coach or teacher. But I want to be a great ambassador for the sport of windsurfing!



“Windsurfing is the key to my lifestyle and to my success in life. I collaborate with many people, who are very dedicated to the most exciting sport. I travel with Kerstin Reiger, work in the net with Florian Reiger. Svein and his team create the best toys and has the most crazy ideas and sail on Severne sails since September 2007, which work extraordinary well and feel so light in the hands.”


In 1996 I met Thomas Miklautsch, an Austrian (Krumpendorf, Carinthia) worldcupper, travel windsurfer and producer of documentaries and short films. When sitting on the beach of Vargas he asked me to join him on a trip to the states. More details I will receive later. I cancelled the plans travelling to Greece. Instead of that I travelled to Alaska, California, Oregon and Oahu, Hawaii. Thomas and I tried to cross the Bering Strait in 1996, following the tracks of Arnaud de Rosney, who successfully made the crossing in 1979. We almost made it half way, but did not reach our goal. Nowadays there are ambitious efforts by Russia and China to build 103 km long tunnels to connect Sibiria with Alaska. I definitely would like to try the crossing again, but it’s a very dangerous adventure. The weather can change really quick up there, the current is really strong and not many ships are available to rescue a windsurfer, who is in trouble in between Alaska and Sibiria. The crossing is just possible during the summer months from July till September. During the other months there is too much ice in the Bering Sea.


“In the future I want to improve my skills in Slalomracing and travel to many more places on this earth. Working on the perfect jibe and sailing at new spots around the globe. Alaska was hot, Morocco strange, the Western Sahara dry, California futuristic, Hawaii warm, Vietnam cheap, Thailand spicy, Mexico chilli, Malta big, Argentina lovely, Peru wavy, Venezuela different, Croatia lonesome, Italy funny, Spain sandy, Germany honest, Czech Republic sexy, Hungaria ancient, Austria small, Egypt exciting, Taiwan different, Malaysia natural …..the latest trips did lead me to the Azores, France, Catalunya, Canary Islands, Slovenia, Denmark, Belgium and Croatia. And each trip was a success in its own way.


And I always try to keep all the new friends in my mind, whom I met during the trips, because there is a true chance to meet them again” THE ROAD TO A FRIEND`S HOUSE IS NEVER TOO FAR”


My Slalom windsurfing career (2005 – 2015)
I did not compete from the beginning on in windsurfing. When I was young, a kid at 5 years of age, I started with ski racing, while all the top slalom sailors were already on the slalom course. My skiing career lasted for 10 years. Later I studied Sports and Geography/Economy, had to make it through all the tests and limits at the Sports University of Vienna and started competing in some freestyle events around 2000 while living and working in Torbole at Lake Garda.

The modern freestyle just got developed. I learnt to do Vulcans and Spocks, Spinloops and Grubbies around 2000. And I really had fun participating  in freestyle events. In July 2005 I started to sail on fast Slalom kit and really enjoyed it. I participated in the highest possible tour, the PWA tour, from the beginning on, but also attended in lower level events or local events.  The more and more I raced, the more I got hooked. 2015 is my 11th season. Until now I participated in 48 PWA Worldcups, 4 IFCA World Championships, 1 IFCA European Championships, in the Asian Windsurfing Tour 2007/2008, in the Vietnam Funcups and Pro Races, in Longdistance races in Turkey, in the Race of Champions at Lake Garda, at Austrian Speed, Slalom, Formula and Long Distance races, in a Speed World Championship or several National Slalom Championships in Croatia.

The races during the past 11 years brought me to many exciting places and countries: Germany – Sylt, Italy – Lago di Garda and Reggio di Calabria, Spain – Costa Brava, Catalunya and Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Lanzarote,Tenerife and Gran Canaria), Netherlands – Island of Texel and Brouwersdam, Portugal  – Terxeira, Azores, Croatia – Premantura, Jadrija, Supetar or Bol, Taiwan – Penghu Islands, Vietnam – Mui Ne, Malaysia – Kuantan, Philippines – Boracay, South Korea – Ulsan, Jinha Beach or Turkey – Alacati

There are so many spots I have never visited. The options are endless. The world is huge with a total coastal length of 520.000 km. Two third of our planet is covered by water and there are plenty undiscovered spots and beaches.


[youtube width=”900″ height=”506″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc_v7vvWd-M[/youtube]


I like literature and movies

During my whole life I liked to read and since the day I bought contact lenses my view on life got sharpened. The movie itself got more important than in the days before. Was sitting with friends watching the movies, predominantly listened to the audio, because of being shortsighted.


Like books and movies with a story, which could be real or had been happening once. Explorations, actions, lifestyle. T.C. Boyle is one of the authors I would like to post: WATERMUSIK In the beginning it was Hemingway, Steinbeck followed and later Orhan Pamuk’s “Das neue Leben”. But European literature is the stuff I need for my whole life, you don´t know how to get yourself in the right direction: Milan Kundera, “Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins”


And about movies: what´s about Kill Bill, and indeed I prefer the stuff with not too many special effects. “Once upon a time in the west” is a movie, which inspires me to film more in the near future.  Inside the sport I like productions from my film making friend Thomas Miklautsch, especially the part sailing in the Antarctica.

And my favourite surfing vids are: “Crystal Voyager” and “Thicker than water” and “Sipping jestreams”.

Coaching young riders
Coaching young riders

I love teaching

I finished my studies in 1999 and became a teacher for sports and geography afterwards. After two years working in public schools I decided to focus more and more on coaching in windsurfing. It’s a huge field with a lot of different target groups. I spent several seasons at Lake Garda or created youth freestyle camps together with Kerstin in Fuerteventura. Nowadays I still like to teach and develop my own new ways how to create little sensations in each lesson. If you are interested to book me teaching you just get in contact: chris@continentseven.com

Teaching at Mission to Surf in 2016
Teaching at Mission to Surf in 2016

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