ChallengerSails 2018 – Order NOW!

ChallengerSails released their 2018 models. The new range includes 3 wave models with 3, 4 or 5 sails, one pure freestyle sail, one freeride sail, one freerace cambered sail and a kids model. The Speed and Slalom racing sail will be for sale later in the season, but you can pre-order now as there will be just a limited amount of sails in production.

The designs look quite fresh and the models are available in two different color styles. The 4G is now available in 3.2m. A few 2018 models are available already!! If you are interested just contact me! Have a detailed look at ChallengerSails website here

CHS 2018 3G

CHS 2018 3G – 3 Batten Wave

CHS 2018 4G

CHS 2018 4G – 4 Batten Wave

CHS 2018 4pro

CHS 2018 4pro Freestyle

CHS 2018 K.Onda

CHS 2018 K.Onda Wave – Bump&Jump

CHS 2018 Liquido

CHS 2018 Liquido – Freeride

CHS 2018 FluidoT3

CHS 2018 FluidoT3 – Freerace

CHS 2018 ProKids

CHS 2018 ProKids

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