Used Gear For Sale

Welcome in my “Gear For Sale” area. I only offer gear, which is in good condition and without any breakage!

Just contact me and I will send you an offer (prices). I can handle the shipping through UPS with tracking number and can send you detailed pictures of the products you are interested in.


Following used windsurfing hardware is actually available:


STARBOARDS for sale (all used)

Starboard Kode Wave wood 82 (twin/single fin) 2015

Starboard iSonic carbon 120 (deep tuttle fin) 2015

Starboard iSonic carbon 87 (tuttle fin) 2015

Starboard EVO IQ carbon 76 (twin/single fin) 2012

Starboard Kode Wave 83 wood 2015

Starboard Kode Wave 82 wood 2015

Starboard iSonic 120 carbon 2015

Starboard iSonic 120 carbon 2015

Starboard iSonic 87 carbon 2014

Starboard iSonic 87 carbon 2014


Severne Reflex 6 5,6m 2015 (new) red/yellow

Severne Blade 2016 in 4,7m & 5,3m turquoise/red

Severne SWAT in 3,7m

Severne NCX 8,0m 2014/2015 red

Air Jibing at Weiden am See, Lake Neusiedl (Photo: ©Kerstin Reiger 2016)

Air Jibing with a Blade 5.3 in 2016, Lake Neusiedl (Photo: ©Kerstin Reiger 2016)

Shooting with Tom Brendt during the World Cup

The Severne Reflex 6 and iSonic 87 in 6.2m weather during the World Cup on Fuerteventura 2015


FINS: different used Slalom fins

MASTS: used Severne masts in SDM (400/430/460/490) and RDM (400/430)

BOOMS: used Aeron Carbon Booms in different sizes

  • 175 -225 cm (rounded narrow boom end), (grey, black, white)
  • 180 – 230 cm (square-cut medium wide boom end): normal grip (orange,black,white) or V-grip version (blue,black,white)
  • 200 – 250 cm (rounded wide boom end): normal grip (grey, black, white)

NP vario outhauls for sale


ACCESSORIES: Da Kine seat harness with hooks in small and medium

RDM and SDM extensions from different brands (Tecno Limits, Aeron, Severne) in lengths in between 25 cm and 36 cm

Used Mast Bases from Severne, Aeron and Starboard with Pin System, Aeron adapters for quick release system available, too