3 sails and 2 boards

No, no, the PWA did not change their format to Slalom 32, but I checked the windforecast, what I normally seldom do, and decided to take out my 9.2 of the sailbag before I left Austria. Hopefully a good decision. For today it looks great, the wind is up already in the morning. Will rigg my gear soon and check out the new MFC Slalom fins.
I registered the Aero SL Challengerssails in 6.6, 7.6 and 8.4 and decided for the Starboard Isonics in 101 and 122. You have to put it on the white sheet I keep in my hands. Boardmodels, year, production number and sailmodels with size and year of production as well…
The starting fee was 40 â?¬, quite fine…

All the best,