30 to 40 knots all day long

While the last days extraordinary strong wind has been blowing over the Pescadores Islands. I got the chance to rip at the wavespot again, where I met Finian Maynard and his girlfriend. He will stay for about a month on the islands: It is much too cold in Germany. I really can understand this reason. The wavespot offers an shorebreak with super nice steep ramps. Sailed three times there and felt more and more comfortable. Jesper Orth, who headed back to Australia this morning, nailed a super massive backloop.

Today I sailed Slalom on 5.1 AEROI and ISONIC 87 with Drake 28. The gear was much to big, but got more and more control. Alex Mowday, local and insane speed sailor, could keep the same speed on a Kombat 79 and a NP Wavesail 4.7, Afterwards I finished the day on the water with a litle freestyle session.

Had a great time here and plan to back soon as possible.

Keep you updated,