4 cm longer fin

Today we had wind again. Also two days ago. It´s pretty consistent in the moment, but realtively cold: watertemperature 9° degrees and windchilled temperature in between 0° and 10° degrees. Quite similar to temperatures in November. Just if the sun comes through the clouds you feel the power. We still have September.

I tested my brandnew 48 Vector Canfire out. And it was such a difference. The Isonic 122 powered with the Code Red 9,0 started to plan so early. It´s amazing how much power the 48 fin creates compared to the 44. I started to plan in no wind conditions and felt like having a lot of power when planning.

Tomorrow the wind should be stronger and I hope to sailon 6,7 or 7,7, But it should be freezing tomorrow.

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Inside the beachpark of Podersdorf. It was quiet, but super nice. More than 3 hours on the water.

Two days ago, when I came back from the windsurfing session, the moon came up just behind the place we live.