9th Viet Nam Fun Cup is done

Yesterday we had some luck with wind at the Jibes and the race got continued. My girlfriend Kerstin sailed awesome on a Carve 122 and a Gator 6,0. She did win both races and could finish on the first position. Yeaaah, just sweet!!! I fought back in the loosers round sailing 4 races on a big GO 166 Tufskin. But the tide went down and it was so hard to start with the super long fin. We had running starts from the beach, which were super exhausting with the heavy board. I used my Code Red 6,7, which worked super efficient in 5 to 10 knots. Anyhow I ended up in the 10 men fleet final, which got started in the late afternoon. The wind was more down, 5 – 8 knots, but the final started. I changed to a Carve 144 instead of the GO, but lost too much ground on the first leg. The first jibe on the inside, we had to sail two rounds in the final, I could manage quite well, but had no chance to overpass the super light Vietnames guys, who were sailing on 7,5 sails. I managed to end up 5th and was super stoked that I did compete in the race. Light wind does not mean no chance to a heavier sailor, if you really fight for it!

At the pricegiving ceremony Kerstin got a designer watch from N.O.A, which looks great and some nice clothes from Rip Curl. I won a brandnew 5310music express cellphone from Nokia with a 2 mpix cam. Both we got two bottles of Champaign, which made the evening just sweeter.

Thanks to all running this Fun event. Was worth to be in and to watch the nice traditional dancing show while the night.


The race (pic: Pascal Lefebvre)

The dance (pic: Kerstin Reiger)

The women winner Kerstin and Nicola, the N.O.A company president and watch sponsor (pic: by myself)

Myself receiving the prices (pic: Kerstin Reiger)