A december 2008 windsurfing session

For a while the weather was grey in grey and the wind was down. While the past week fronts from northwestern directions showed up at the Lake Neusiedler. And I am so motivated to touch the water as often as possible. There are two reasons:

(1) on the 4th of January 2009 Kerstin and myself will fly to Southafrica and I will compete in the IFCA Slalom worlds, which will be started on the 5th

(2) while the first week of May 2009 the PWA Slalom tour will be started at my homespot in Podersdorf and I really want to be prepared as good as possible


Today the weather was fine, temperatures up to 5° and a water temperature of 3°- 4°. Definitely less cold than in the last session I had. And it really looks great for tomorrow! It was fine for 101 and the 6,7. Used dry gloves for the very first time, which kept my fingers warm.

Thanks Kerstin for the pics!