Amazing how much boards can be changed within one year

Was sailing on the brandnew ISONIC 122 while the afternoon. The board could carry the 9.0 m² so easy and I could plan in so less wind. Compared to the 2006 ISONIC 125 the board gets much more lift and feels absolutely free under your feet. Just hooked in once you can accelerate. The straps can be fixed more outside and a bit more closer to the tail. That´s a big advantage for myself just having feets sized 44. Jibing felt so easy. Had so many sessions on my ISONIC 125, but felt immediatly how good the new model is. A bit thinner, some volume less and more exactly in all directions. It´s super amazing how much a good testteam and a creative shaper can change the models within one season. Can´t await to go for another session. Hopefully tomorrow or after tomorrow. Hopefully Tiki himself will send some wind.