Arrived in Makung/Penghu

With some hours delay, around 8 hours, we left the airport of Hochiminh and flew over to Taipeh, where Nico picked us up around 2.00 in the morning. Next morning we jumped on the Uni air flight to Makung. The air felt so warm when we walked out the airport. A summerday while wintertime. Global warming?? Later we checked in the hotel. 11th floor with a wild overview on Makung town. Yesterday afternoon the northeaster kicked in as usual. I sailed togehter with the local 16 years old hotshot Howard Chang and Kerstin got some sick pics with the super stable Nikon 70 – 200 mm VR lense.

Today the weather is great and it is blowing around 25 – 30 knots.

Keep you updated from the windy remote place, where the food gets cooked in traditional fishermen style. Can be delicious, but can be  quite strange too.