Back home while christmas

I went for two days inside Austria, where I grew up till the age of 18. It is situated in the south of Salzburg, called Lungau. A beautifal inner alpine area with peaks up to 3000 m above sea level and a lot of slopes for endless turns. Definitely a great place for wintersports but pretty less waterareas around. Around 3 hours away from the Norhern Adriatic shores.
This time I only had two days to stay, passed ny my girlfriend´s place and both we left back home to my new home in the east of Austria. This year we have a pretty cold winter in the eastern area of Austria and already 10 cm  thick icesheet all over the lake. The next session will be in March 2008.  Anyway, I see forward in a positive way and leave to GC tomorrow morning, together with Kerstin and some bags of windsurfing gear. Wish you all will have a great jump into the new year 2008 and a sweet windsurfing season.


Here are some actual pics from my homecountry: