Basic Fun Board Moves

We started filming windsurfing moves in 1999, when digital video cameras hit the market. Our first camera was a Sony Digital 8. Sony had a great water housing available, what allowed us to film in 40+ knots and flying sand conditions from great angles already. I can remember filming in the lagoons of Sotavento in Fuerteventura, in Bahia de Formas in Gran Canaria or in Punta Caneros in Isla Margarita. The greatest innovation was not the filming process. The greatest progress was that the modern technique allowed us to re-check the action almost live on the beach. We are still filming moves. Nowadays in in full HD or 4k quality with super slow motion. The quality has been improved, but the process stayed the same. You have to be on the beach or in the water at the right time in the perfect moment.


Here are a few basic fun board moves moves of mine filmed by Kerstin.Moves from the 80ties filmed in the 21st century.

Chop Hops, Body Drag, Carving 360, Duck Tack, Beach Start, Water Start, Carve Jibe, Carving 360°


Just click on the pic and you will redirected to a few more moves on continentseven.


A Chop Hop in Risco del Paso in 2016 (filmed by Kerstin Reiger)

A Chop Hop in Risco del Paso in 2016 (filmed by Kerstin Reiger)