Challengersails 2021

The 2021 Challengersails are available. The first sails from Sri Lanka arrived in the end of September 2020. Have a look on the new CHS 2021 catalogue

The Italian sail brand released a bit bigger program compared to the previous years with 3 lines handcrafted in Italy (AERO XXI Spartacus, AERO XXI Foil Course & PSL 2021) and 9 lines produced in Sri Lanka (FLUIDO T3, BAD 2, BAD ZERO, H2O LIQUIDO, 4PRO PURE STYLER, 3G, 4G PURE WAVE, K.ONDA, PRO KIDS).

The high quality masts are produced in Italy. Following 5 mast types are available in lengths from 340 up to 520cm: FSW 100 Freestyle RDM, FSW 100 PRO Wave RDM, FSW 80 RDM, RSS 100 PWA edition SDM, RSS 80 SDM

If you are interested in any of the new products, just send a message !! Check out the available stock of the 2021 sails

I had the chance to test the new 4PRO and really liked it. It felt super light and well balanced in the hands. Get your hands on one of the new sails. You will like them, promised!


Challengersails 2021 are ready to order!

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