First day of competition in Penghu

The first day of competition is over and I had some success. Could place in the discipline Speed on the second position, just 0.4 km/h behind the winner Anders Bringdal, who could make 60.1 km/h. My best speed was 59.7 km/h. Sailed on the ISONIC 87 and AERO 6.6. The wind was in between 20 and 24 knots.

Before the speedsailing GPS competition we had 4 rounds of slalom. Jesper Orth could wind two races and Anders could win two. In the first three races I could place myself on the 3rd position. In the fourth I could not get a gust at the start and could fight back on the sixth position after being last at the line. After the races an amazing opening ceremony followed.

Will keep you updated,

Best from Taiwan / Penghu Island


My official membershipcard in Penghu.