Fuerte after the competition

While the last days there was a lot of event action going on here at the beach of Sotavento. The closing party of the freestyle was fun. The following days the wind was up and I went for Slalom jibing training in the super choppy conditions with Code Red 6,1 and Isonic 86. Additionally I did a lot of media work. Yesterday we went down to the speedstrip watching the big guys. And we could watch many crashes. Antoine had the hardest one, just at the finishing line. He crashed his 6,7 below the boom by his upper body. The sail and one button were broken. He rigged another 6,7 and continued the race. In the moment he leads the event by far. Only 0.7 results and one 3.0 as a discard. Incredible!

Later on I went for some waveriding in 35 knots of wind. My EVO 75 and Gator 4,2 were powered up. It felt funny to sail on wavegear after many days of Slalom sailing.


This waveride is for Klara. Send you a lot of power!

Back to the beach in 35 knots.