Getting used to the cold

Each session in cold temperatures is teaching me how to get better in keeping my body protected against the cold air. Today, December 30th, a nice breeze was on and I was motivared to test my latest toys: Titanium socks, 1mm thick seamless gloves combined with my drysuit and a 5mm strong Titanium Arctic hood. And it worked well. Sure, the wind was ligter than in my previous sessions. Was on the iSonic 107 from 2012 and the Reflex 8,6. But the long socks under the drysuit kept the ankles warm. This are was a problem zone at my last session, when I used ordinary boots. The hands felt as well much warmer. Could not imagine, that 1 mm of  a great material without any stitches could make such a difference. And teh Artic hood heated my head up! The next step will be to organise really thick waterproof boots.

My testing partner Pfaffi worked hard while the last week to get a new nose profile done on a 40 S2, which matches great with the 107. The new concept felt excellent. We will continue the tests on other sizes.

We sailed till it was dark. And I really felt comfortable on the new iSonic. It was incredible in how less wind the board started to plan. At the moment I play a bit with the footstrap positions, but  bet that I will have them fixed as far as possible to the tail of the board. Plus with the mastbase. Had it around 3 mm back from the recommended position.

The next size to test will be the iSonic 117 wide. Just heard that the board works very well with 8,6 and 7,8. My job will be to find th eright fin sizes. Will use the board predominantly with 9,2 and 8,6.

Wish all of you a happy new year and have a great windsurfing session tomorrow with an unforgetable party. 2011 was a great year, also for myself. Despite back problems I enjoyed windsurfing and could make some progress on the race course, but also could improve my general body coordination and flexibility through the training I did in the past months.

I am also super happy having the 2012 boards already now. Received them last season very late, in April and had less time to train on them. Very soon the new Reflex III should arrive!

See you on the water in 2012!!



Thanks to Peter Pfaffenbichler for the shots!

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