Got new Challengersails

Today was a lucky day!! The brand new Challenger AERO 7.6 m² arrived from Italy and as well a 3.3 m² K.Onda for super stormy days on the Canaries or for Kerstin in Gran Canaria. It´s really small. Luff 333 and boomlength 141. Today was the last chance to get the sails because I will leave on monday early in the morning to Costa Brava, where the next PWA Slalom 42 event will take place. I called UPS twice, checked the tracking number and got the parcel finally in the afternoon. Let me tell you, why I got this size now and not in end of March. Challenger Testrider Rubish was testing my 7.6 m² in the Adriatic sea. Big fog arrived and the wind went up from 20 to 35 knots. His extension broke and he was   rigging down the sail whilefighting for his life . The strong current pulled his sail out of his hands and it was gone to sea forever. Three hours later Rubish got picked up by the Italian lifeguard by a boat. Good luck for him, but work for Claudio Badiali (Challenger saildesigner and owner). All AERO sails are produced in Italy, Senigallia. He was so busy at this time. But now the piece of gold is done. I love this size. Thanks Claudio!!
In the moment it´s a lot of high pressure in Austria and all around. That means no wind, not while the last days, not today and not tomorrow. Enough time to pack all the gear and prepare with some cycling. Had a nice ride together with Kerstin.


Pics 1 (by Kerstin Reiger): CHALLENGER AERO 7,6 m² 2007 and brandnew longsleeve shirt

Pics 2 (by Kerstin Reiger): a break at the Austrian beach in Podersdorf, freestylebiking