Having a good life

A lot of positive things happened during the past month. After returning from the Canaries, the conditions at Tenerife were outstanding, I prepared for the PWA Slalom at Alacati and ran a jibing clinic at Podersdorf.  The trip to Turkey was great  as I sailed a lot on the big kit there, at least two to three hours a day.We as well had races. I massively crashed during my first heat of the event, but still enjoyed competing a lot. Parallel to the event I tested 2014 and 2015 iSonics from 107 up to 130 liters.


Istanbul airport early during the morning hours.


A lot of trainings days at the lake, fin testing, sailing on the fantastic 2013 iSonic 117 and a trip to Brouwersdam, Holland followed. Together in a great team we produced daily videos at the DAM7 festival there. The event saw great conditions and a wonderful atmosphere. Should have visited the Netherlands more often in the past.


Remi Vila prepares an iSonic 2015 proto for testing (Pic: Chris Pressler)


Last weekend I attended in the Austraian championships organized by Stylehunters at Podersdorf, at my homespot. We were lucky with the wind and had great conditions for racing. I participated in a long distance race together with 30 other races. Marco Lang had great speed and won the event. Congrats! I was really happy with my performance and finished the long distance, we went for four rounds, in second place. I missed a bit to attack at the starts harder, but was absolutely on the right gear with iSonic 117, Pfaffi 43,5 cm and Reflex 4 in 8,6. I as well participated in a new discipline, a Kite/Windsurfing team competition and made it on top of the podium together with Marc Simmer, a talented young kitesurfer from Upper Austria.



Now it’s time to drive up to Westerland, Sylt and rock the Brandenburger Strand. The forecast looks crazy with strong offshore wind from southeastern direction, no waves this time. Will be a tough event with a lot of racing and freestyle action from September  29th on and no rain this time. I really hope that I can use my new iSonic 97. I had this board at Alacati for the first time and really like it with sail sizes from 7,8 m down to 5,6. It always feels in control and is just a speed machine!!


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