Home for less than one day

Arrived yesterday evening on Vienna Airport. Was so happy to see meet my girlfriend, who picked me up. The gear still was wet rigging down in the rain and packing wet. I was a bit disappointed about the way the thing sat the check in in Incheon did run. I had to pay excess package, around 260 US $. On the one hand we have to present the brand Korean Air as a sailor, having sticker son the sails and on the other hand they do not really cooperate. Was strange. I must say thank you to the Austrian team of Korean Air, who really gave me a fine support taking my gear for free having around 20 kilos of tolerance towards the 50 we got from the organizer.

Anyway, I am happy about my results and really want to say thank you to all people, who support me making my little Slalom carreer possible. Special thanks to my boardsponsor Starboard and my sails-/mastsponsor Challenger. Had never gear, which worked so well.

Today I will leave to Munich to fly to the SURFFESTIVAL on Fehmarn tomorrow morning, which takes place on the island from the 17th till the 20th,

all the best,