Imagine, can be like “Kitzbühel”, almost…

Just came back from a roundtrip through Austria passing by the wonderful “Rolling Hills” of Bad Blumau and the city of Graz, where the moutain- and adventure filmfestival had been started. My windsurfing fellow and professional filmmaker Thomas Miklautsch presented his latest film “OM”, a portrait of life in the mountains of Afghanistan and the sweet coast of India. He travels with passion. No goals are untouchable, no limits are too high. In the past, in 1996, I got the chance to travel with Thomas. We went west, sailed together with whales and in front of big glacier walls in one of the last frontiers, in ALASKA. The night became day, the day became a kind of oneiric or hypnopompic hallucination. The night in Graz was amazing, too. The darkness got illuminated by the strong and pure scenes, pictures and words. Had vibrations inside my body while watching the movie “OM”. Hope to be a part of upcoming projects again. Being back at home I opened the postbox and was happy. The interview, which has been made two days ago, has already been printed in the weekly published BVZ (an unpolitical newspaper in my homecountry with around 104.000 readers a week). The event in Pozo got compared with Kitzbühel, the mecca of Skiing by myself, which makes me happy to get printed. Windsurfing can be an super exciting sport indeed, like skiing, motorbiking or surfing…… Thomas Miklautsch proved this while sailing in the Antarctica or on lakes in Bolivia situated more than 5000 meters above the sealevel. Not the world record counts, just the fact, to do extraordinary things to fulfill dreams or make other people dreaming.