Inge & Kati again

Out of a sailors view you should not come to Sylt just to be focused on the race. As well you should always keep open your eyes and time for the restless fans, who are walking along the beach to see their stars, shoot a pic or exchange some words with them. So I met Inge and Kati yesterday afternoon. These two wonderful ladies shoot pictures from their idols for many years and bring them on the beach of Westerland while the next years event to get a signature. As an exchange they both hand out a picture to each sailor they had photographed. Was an amazing feeling to meet them again. But when I told them that “ROBBY NAISH IST AUCH DA”, they both freaked out.


The competition in the discipline Slalom 42 has been continued. Round 2 got finished and two further rounds were done completely. The conditions were really nice, 7 – 13 knots with little rolling nortsea swell, and the action was sick. It seems to be like the topguys put the discipline on another level. In my third race I had a really good start, but could not make it to the next round. Placed on the eight position. In the fourth race I tried to take more risk and my start seemed to be one of the best in my young PWA career. But was too keen indeed, like Rich Page, the PWA tourmanager added. To sail over early meant that I had to move back to the beach. Was quite unhappy, but have still fun to compete again.
For today wind around 10 – 15 knots is promised. Keep you updated.