Just a short break

After coming back home from Costa Brava late night on the 18th the work started next morning. Now it´s the 22nd and it´s time to pack for the Canaries. It will be a cool trip. On the one hand I will travel around together with my Kerstin, on the other hand there will be a chance to have some sessions on the small wavegear. I put two EVOS, a 70ty and a 80ty in our bags. Some gear is already on the way to Lanzarote. I decided to put it on the container. But still it´s a lot of stuff to carry with. The small Slalom sails in 5.0, 5.8 and 6.6, plenty of masts, fins and the small Isonic 87. The board already looks super fast, when you watch it. My motivation is fine and hope for some powerful races and relaxed cervezas.

keep you updated,


blasting downwind with ocerpower on AERO 7,6 m² and Isonic 101 with Drake 36


my latest sweater, nice, I like it, and limited edition hopefully