Lake Sessions in May 2013

During the past days we saw excellent conditions at Lake Neusiedl. Northern, North Western and South Easter wind kicked in at Podersdorf. The wind was extremely steady and strong on several days. I had the chance to sail a lot on the new Reflex 4 in 7,0/7,8 and 8,6. Even 6,2 would have worked during one day, but prefered to sail to the max with 7,0 and iSonic 107. I crashed on a downwind run extremely hard and was lucky not breaking any gear. Just the harness line is out of funktion. Luckily the line broke …


The result of a really hard crash.


107 and 7,0 is a nice combo. Much underrated so far. But needs wind and felt like the Reflex 4 works excellent on the 68,5 cm wide board. I used 38 cm fin, but for sure I could have used a bit smaller one, too

I sailed a lot with Marco Lang, who trained a lot during the last months and has massive speed. It helped a lot to follow him and sail at the limit. We as well tested many different fins and some new ones from Peter Pfaffenbichler, the S4 LTx, which worked very well on my Starboards and Marco’s Fanatics.


Windy days are great days.


I really tried to get prepared well for the next weeks in Croatia and Spain. But time is limited. Especially Costa Brava will be a tough one with probably the best Worldcup fleet since the Slalom discipline got relaunched in 2005. The Croatian Slalom Championships will help to get back some racing routine. Actually I really feel used well to my gear.


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