Light breeze while the first day

The 8th Vietnam Cup got started with an official opening party around 10.00 p.m. Around 11.00 the northeasterly started, but never blew really strong and consistent. The men went for a single elimination, which includes a loosers system. Quite fair. Nobody was allowed to sail on real slalomboards. Most of the guys went on S-Types. I decided for a D-Ram Carve 101 and later on for the Go 155 Tufskin. Was quite a good decision. After being washe din the massive shorebreak becuase of being stocked in the water withe the fin while the start I could make excellent speed on the upwind and finished first in this heat. Tomorrow, on the second competition day, we hopefully will finish the race. In the ladies division Kerstin did well and could save with a third and a first in the second race the lead. She sailed on the Flare 99 2007 using a Challenger Bash 5.3.

After the races the wind kicked in a bit stronger and I enjoyed the last hour before darkness riding the Flare 99 with teh 5.3 Bash.

Keep you updated about the Vietnam Fun Cup,



Myself with the toys in the garden of Fullmoon Resort/Vietnam.