Light wind racing

Yesterday the this years PWA Slalom 42 racing got started. The windconditions were ok. Light, but right. Around 10 knots. Had a quite good first heat seeding, but started too late. Was on the 9.0 sail and on the Isonic 125. The run from the startingline down to the first mark was a deep downwind one. Less pressure inside the sail. Björn was in lead from the start. His speed seemed to be unbeatable. He also sailed on the 9.0, the biggest sail he registered this year. It´s quite interesting. Many topsailors just registered the 9.0 as the biggest sail (Antoine, Ross).
Did my jibe at the third mark and saw Björn sailing in the opposite direction. Thought the race is over already and got overpassed by many sailors. The truth was thet Björn sailed to another mark and had to pass the third one again. In his mind the coursediagramm on the beach showed another run like it was outside at the water. Anyway, I finished 9th. Not fast enough to pass into the next round. Micah could win the final in front of Arnon and Ross.
The racedirector decided to start a second race before midday. The wind seemed to drop already a bit. But three heats were sailed. I started in the second one. A quite strong field: Kevin, Matt, Finian, Albeau; had a bad start again. Starting in superlight wind conditions is quite difficult. In strong wind you often have to avoid not too be to aerly at the line. In light wind it´s quite hard to be to early there. So I had to follow the fleet in the last position. I opened my outhaul trimm totally and could keep the distance to the topsailors and overpass one polish sailor. I was already on the last leg when the first guys finished and could keep a close gap to Finian. My jibes were ok, but the starts were bad and the groundspeed could be better.
In the moment I´m placed on 37th position.
Today the wind is quite light blowing from an easterly direction. Had skippersmeeting at 9.00. But the forecast for today and tomorrow is not very promising.

Keep you updated,