Light winds and great show while the evening

Definitely it was not the best day in my racing career so far. I had  the chance to place myself in between the top 16, but missed the start and got punished with a sixth place in the first heat. So I placed after the first day on the 21st position, which sounds much better than I sailed. The seeding for the second eliminatiopn looks good and hope to have a better start tomorrow. If you struggle at the line you have no chance to get back in a top postion. 8 or 9 guys are sailing in one heat at the moment and the top four advance in the next round. I sailed on a 9.2 Challenger AERO today. The winner Kevin Pritchard was on a 9.2, too. The sailsize was quite ok. Fixed a 46 cm Drake under my Isonic 122. Most of  the topsailors are on Neilpryde Racing, some on North Warp, like Patrick Diethelm, who sails a 8,3 as the biggest or Peter Volwater, Cyril Mousilmani or Jimmy Diaz. Just Kevin Pritchard is on Mauisails, Jesper Orth the only one on Severne.Wojtek did not show up, as well Bjoern Dunkerbeck is missing in South Korea.

Hopefully the wind will pick up a bit over 9 knots. In the evening the organiser presented a quite nice show with many highlights and a firework in the end.Traditionell dancing, breakdancers, drummplayers and famous Yu Jin Park on the classic violine.

Keep you updated and congratulations to Kev for winning the first elimination,


The pic shows the headquarter where from I send all the updates and watch races (from the top) if I am out (PWA/Alex Williams).