More than 1800 km in two days

While the last two days I was in Italy visiting the loft of Challengersails to pick up the new Slalomspeed sails 2007. The AERO SL looks great, starting from 5.0 m up to 9.2. The way down there was a long one, but worth to do it. Had fun with Tommy, who was driving all the way from Carinthia. We passed the big mountains first and crossed the big plains around the Po, starting in Venice. Arriving in the south down there around Senigallia the sun was already warm and strong and first spring feelings got awaked.
Next week I will join some days in the snow. It´s hard on the one hand because I can not sail. It is nice on the other hand, because in the moment the winter kicked in in Austria like it happens in December. Strange world.
recommend you following short movie made by my friend Thomas Miklautsch and gives another view when being on the road:

All the best,