More than 30 knots of wind

Today we saw Sotavento at it´s best for highwind freeriding. Arriving around 15.00 at Center one the wind went up to 30 knots. Guests came back to the center to get smaller gear. I went on Evo 80 and Gator 4,7, which was a good choice. In the heavy gusts I could have sailed on my girlfriend´s 3,7 for sure.

Back from the ocean after a 2 hours long session (shot by Kerstin).

I met Denis at the water and later on the beach. He is Italian and is importing many brands in windsurfing, kitesurfing, clothing and so on for the Egli company. He did compete in the PWA freestyle events at his local spot some years ago and still find a hour a day to get on the board. But just if there is enough wind and a little chance to ride a wave. Denis was on 4,7.

Denis and myself stoked after a windy session (shot by Kerstin).

I also met Davide, a 19 years old Italian freestyler, who actually works in the center and sails as much as the job allows him to get on the water. The Garda Local, unluckily he lives at South side of the lake, landed perfect Onehanded Ponches and tried massive Wymaroos.

A handshake with Davide – ITA 878 (shot by Kerstin).