My new attitude towards writing

“Our life is, in so far as it is worth living, made up in great part of things indefinite, impalpable; and it is precisely because the arts present us these things that we â?? humanity â?? cannot get on without the arts.” (Ezra Pound 1912, “The Wisdom of Poetry”)

I had joined a workshop for travel journalism while the last week. Was a great session indeed. I got the change to produce an article, which got corrected by a team of two specialists working in this field of writing.
My eyes really got opened in a way I had not expected. I realized why thoughts are thought and things are done while producing articles. From now on the way will be a much harder one, but in the end everybody could be more satisfied. On the one hand the consumer, on the other hand the producer.
Wish to keep the spirit of writing,

all the best,