My first Slalom in Pozo

Two years ago I decided to start with Slalom racing. Now I got the chance to start in Pozo, the “Kitzbühel” of windsurfing. And it was windy.
The day started with a heat, which got cancelled because of a winddrop. I rigged my Challenger Aero 6,6 and prepared my Starboard I-Sonic 101 and went out. Just before the start the wind picked up and I was much too powered up. Just tried to make the best out of it.
In my second race I struggled with the strong wind, but could make it through the course. Sailing on the I-Sonic 87 and the Aero 5,0. At the starting line the white caps were flying. My start was excellent but I could not keep the speed of the top guys.
Tomorrow will be another day of racing and I will again fight as good as I can.
Keep the fingers crossed for me….