My next races in countries of the new tigers

I really thought of flying to Namibia to get used to a bit more speedsurfing. But the conditions are really bad in the moment and only three days are left. And I missed the ISA event in Karpathos in August as well. So my overall ranking would not have been  so good. I will make my next speedruns on Penghu Island/Taiwan in the last week of November 2006.
With the Penghu Pro-Am the Asian Windsurfingtour will be started. The upcoming 2006/07 tour will contain 4 tourstops. It starts with the event on Penghu island, followed by two events in January on the Philippines/Borocay Island and in Malysia/Kuantan. The final will take place in South Korea, Ulsan in May, where a PWA Slalom 42 event will be done as well.
The first event in Asia will take place in a very windy location.The wind statistics are truly amazing. Bump & Jump, the local equipment rental operator, keep record of daily wind speeds and over the season (October to mid-May) 71% of days have winds of 17-40 knots; over 13% of days have winds of 41-55 knots plus; and only 15% of days have winds of 10 knots or below. Will keep you updated about the mystery place in the middle of the street of Formosa, where Arnaud de Rosnay had sailed the last time in his life.