Nice lines and a pike on the fin

In the moment the life shows a lot of variety. Sometimes sailing, a lot of writing, thinking and organizing of new trips and sure, having social contacts. On monday, Kerstin´s 30th birthday, Andreas Bitesnich presented his actual exhibition. He is one of the best photographers in nudes photography. Not only in Austria! The Viennese photo artist is well known across the boarders. It was a big honour to be there, when the exhibition got launched this monday in the Westlicht.

The images are clean like perfect lines on the ocean. And for sure you can find this beautiful bodies all around the world like beautiful waves.

The great thing is that Kerstin assists Andreas Bitesnich. She really gets in touch with new aspects of professional photography.

Irina, a real beauty (by Andreas Bitesnich, in “MORE NUDES”, Westlicht, Vienna)

(by Andreas Bitesnich, in “MORE NUDES”, Westlicht, Vienna)

Below I posted a vid of my last session on the lake Neusiedler. It was a grey day and the gusts picked up close to 20 knots. I was on my 9,0 and the 122, fully powered up. In this days of the season it gets quiet on the lake. So I decided to cross the lake, which gave me the feeling of a little adventure. Being out there, in the middle of the lake, alone, just driven by the wind. Sometimes you catch a grass by the fin or a reed. As one of the worst cases can be described a clash with a fish. It stops the drive or can end in a massive catapult, which happened on the way back. A well grown pike has some weight.

I filmed a sequenze with my new Gopro Headcam, which gives a sweet wideangle view. The video is compressed a lot, but offers great quality in the original size.


[youtube ez5lW5W1-OU]