One day of wind at the Costa Brava

This year we are not so lucky with the wind on the tour. So far we saw only one day with wind. I would aestimate we had 15 to 30 knots. It was fun to sail, but I went in the second elimination for too big gear. The wind picked up and I was so much overpowered on my 7,7 and 122 that I finished last in this elimination. That makes a bad result and it does not look like wind should come back today or tomorrow. In the moment I am placed on position 45. One more race would bring a discard and there would be a change to cut off my 60,5. Anyway, I got the chance to test my new gear, fins, sails and boards and hope to sail much better at the Canaries. The gear setup is great, but I ´ve to get a bit more stable.

Kev helped me out with some great instructions and I will work on my starts in the upcoming trainingsessions.

Keep you updated,


Kev and myself at the first skippersmeeting (shot by John Carter)

Tuning my brandnew Code Red 7,7 2008 (shot by John Carter)