One more round?

We are all waiting for suitable conditions her in Korea to start the 7th round, which would bring another discard in the men’s elimination. In the moment it does not look like it will happen, but here you never know. Yesterday afternoon the weather was super nice. Had some light onshore breeze and I went on my 9.2 m² Aero again, which made planning really early possible after I had worked on the trim. But I am not sure if I am physically too light and weak a bit, to get the maximum out of this sail. Changed to the 8.4 m² Aero  later and had much better boardspeed. So it will be a hard decision in the next races which big size to take. Patrick Diethelm went on a 8.3 as it´s biggest size at all and is around 13 – 15 kilos heavier than me. We got some swell into the bay and a lot of seaweed as well, which was around the fin at least once a run. Later on the wind picked up and I tried to sail the Isonic 101 and 8.4 m² Aero combination with a 40 cm Drake. It worked great!! The whole setup let me flying over the choppy conditions. Obviously I made some faults in my first day set up. I will test more at home and will try to find out the best equipment mix. Does not look like another race will happen. Peter Volwater already is washing his sails. Rain seems to come in the bay.

Keep you updated,


Pic: with Finian, Arnon and co at the first mark