Party was on

The last day in the PWA Slaom 42 racing was nice and I could fight a bit and made a little propgress from the 40th to the 38th position. The fullfleetrace was fien, where I got 32 and in the second last one 8th in my heat as well. All together my starts were quite good and the speed much higher. Just in the jibes I miss the super speed. As well I was not tough enough to take an advantage out of the little chances I got. Finally I know, that I am able to progress and make a jump forward while the next races. The party after the final day was nice and it felt nice to relax a bit. The speed event starts tomorrow. Thanks to all people, who make my participating in Slalom 42 possible!!!!
In the actual PWA ranking I stand on the 29th position, which does not look so bad. I hope to catch some points in the last two upcoming heats.
Anyway, I like Slalom so much and want to progress as much as I can,

Party with friends, Jesper and Kev and my girlfriend Kerstin. Like it…