Pozo PWA Slalom 42 after 4 races

It´s my second time competing in Pozo. Last year I did not like the place too much. This year I really have fun sailing here.

I started really bad in the first race yesterday with a too big sail. I was overpowered on my 5,6 Code Red. From this moment on I only trust in my smallest size, the Code Red 5,1. The other two sizes, 6,1 and 6,7 I did not rigg one time. The wind was never below 25 knots. Today I had one of my best starts of all my races, showed up fifth at the first mark, not too far behind Antoine and Finian. But the Frenchie Nicolas Reynes crashed into my mast and I crashed for the first time at a jibemark. I had the chance to qualify for the next heat. Anyway, there is a chance top step up one more round. Last year I was far behind the fleet just fighting with myself. This year it feels much better and I really hope to come forward in the ranking while the next days. In the moment I sit on the position 33. The wind should pick up. Today the crew already measured gusts up to 48 knots. The water was fying in the bay, where windsurfing gets another dimension. Faster, higher, wilder…


Packed some seconds before the start of race 4, a 6 mark downwind slalom in 40 knots. I went 5 seconds before zero down to the pin, just below Maynard and could be in front for some seconds after the start (Pic: John Carter / PWA worldtour).

With Swifty before the first jibe at the mark in Race 2 (Pic: John Carter / PWA worldtour).

Just behind Steve Allen and Paolo dos Reis on leg 3 in race 3 (Pic: John Carter / PWA worldtour).