Registration and more

The wind was up again and the seaweed drifted around the bay. On the outside the waves were quite high, like in Sylt. While the registration I went through the eventmag and saw myseld printed. Yeah, cool guys. That´s nice? What else happened today. I went for two sessions with Isonic 101 and Code Red R2 7,7. The wind was nice and definitely had fun out there. Around 17.30 we had a ride to Ulsan to the opening ceremony. We got served a dinner and much more, like local musicians.

Tomorrow the skippersmeeting will be at 9.00 at the morning,


Inside the eventmag!

The gear tent. I share it with Jesper Orth, Ms.Suzuki and some other Japanese riders.

Many new houses get built. The workes risk a lot, I guess!

Jinha Beach, a remote village and myself in between.