Serenity session in Pattaya Bay

Get used to the light winds of Thailand. But it is always a great chance to sail th ebig boards in the right copnditions. Had an awesome SERENITY session two das ago. Started in the late afternoon and came back to the house when it  was totally dark. More than 2 hours I crossed thtrough the bay, enjoyed a magnificant sunset and met people moving around in the bay, coming back from diving or just relax on their big rusty houseboats. The board touches the water so soft like it would be a fish. Never felt so much in light winds. When you accellerate from 3 to 5 knots it feels like a poem. Try to jump as many times as I can on this incredible shape. Yesterday the wind was strong enough to plan on a 9.5 and on the Apollo. Thsi board offers the opportunity to plan in less than 6 knots. Could have used a much bigger sail. Had fixed a 75 cm long fin under the 100 cm wide board.

And after all the sessions on the water I had the chance to visit one ofthis typical night markets, where you can buy clothes, cds, bags, dogs and many more things for really good prices…

See you,