Shots from South Korea

Korea was always a lucky place for me. I could finish once 17th and once 19th. But so far I took the wrong trains. But some days are left to go!

Where´s the shortest connection from the start to the finish line (at Gimpo airport)? (Pic: by myself).

Arrived in Asia after several hours on the plane (pic: by myself).

I got some shots for you from South Korea. Some of them are mine, some are by John Carter. We had one day with racing: I started good in my first heat. It was the first heat of the event and the 2010 season. I felt surprisingly good on my new Reflex 9,6, but went for a pin end start in the second heat and got covered.

In the second race I missed to advance in round 2 by 1 meter against Icingir Ertugrul from Alacati. But felt great in the heat fully powered on 111 and 7,8. Definitely I have to speed up my jibing a bit.

In Race 3 I had a great start near the boat fully powered on 111 plus 8,6, what is a great combo. But my fin broke after 10 seconds So far we had no more racing and I am far back from where I would like to be. But looks promising for tomorrow. Right now it´s raining quite strong. Yesterday we had light wind conditions, which gave an ideal situation for testing and tuning the iSonic 131 plus the Reflex 9,6.

Overall the racing was fun and it looked like the level got better again from 2009 to 2010. 11 different riders made it in 3 rounds into the finals, but just 3 of them made it into all 3 finals. Right now it seems like 4 sailbrands – Gaastra, NP, Northsails, Severne – plus 3-4 boardbrands – RRD, JP, Starboard or Tabou will have a realistic chance to win a constructors title and take the crown in the racing discipline. The 63 rule seems to work better than ever, especially in light winds. Race number 1 has been started in quite light conditions. Most of the sailors registered sizes in between 9,0 and 10,0 m and wide boards around 85 cm width.

To make it from the hotel to the beach or the other way around it´s a nice walk. Below are some shots I catched while these walks and mixed them up with the professional pictures of JC and Victor Couto….

The mirror is a must have (my hotel room 308)! (Pic: by myself).

Enjoying 10 knots strong gusts on my new lightwind kit (Pic: John Carter, PWA 2010).

And in the end it was not me getting early enough over the line (Pic: John Carter/ PWA 2010).

Posing for the cam (Pic: John Carter/ PWA 2010).

We are sharing an equipment tent plus Victor Couto, who took the shot: Björn, Steve, Wojtek and myself (Pic: Victor Couto).

A lonely man walking through the streets of Jinha while its raining (Pic: by myself).

Micah with his ipad and nutrition (Pic: by myself).

Korean building style at Jinha Beach (Pic:by myself).

Josh Angulo is not loosing any time testing his new Gun sails (Pic: myself).

Kevs message inside his geartent (Pic: by myself).

Kurosh is discussing the tactics of Josh at the volleyfootballcourt (Pic: by myself).

Björn gets filmed by the media crew (Pic: by myself).

It´s not a vending machine for drinks or chewing gums (Pic: by myself).

Wojtek back on the tour and he already made it into a final. But in the team with Steve, who is reflexing in the background...(Pic: by myself).

The diving ladies from Jinha. Respect! (Pic: by myself).

TV show by UBC. And the windsurfers in the background played around far a while to stay in the picture(Pic: by myself).