Showing the trophy

Hunting trophies was a quite funny thing, when I was young and did a lot of skiracing. Each weekend while the wintertime I got a new chance to win a medal or a trophy or something. Had placed them all at home. Time by time I did count them. Sure. Being 13 years old and winning trophies is something special. From 2000 on i sometimes competed in windsurfing events too. In the beginning in freestyle competititions. The highlight was the participation in the last “King of the Lake” in Torbole. In 2005 I decided to try to ceompete in Slalom 42 and perhaps speed. It´s quite funny to preoare for events and work on goals. The trophy I´ve won in Penghu in November 2006 makes me happy and gives a lot of motivation to go for more.

And check out the nice article from Joshua Samuel Brown:

Article from Joshua Samuel Brown

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The trophy of Penghu 2006.