Snow or water – all is good

Had a few great skiing sessions recently, celebrated the birthday number XXXIX and started the windsurfing season in Austria, too. Not bad, I can tell you. It’s soooo much fun to glide on snow or water. It makes happy, it feels free and it gives you positive energy. It’s the same great feeling like when all started more than 30 year s ago. Get out there in the nature, too!


Having fun at my homespot Podersdorf, March 2013, 6th (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).


Somewhere in Salzburg! On top of the hill surrounded by the best powder snow youvcan imagine (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).


Some new Gators for the 2013 season, out of the storage of APM in Bavaria.


©Chris Pressler/Kerstin Reiger 2013