Some little changes

There are always some chances in life. So I decided to cut my hair again. Thanks to my girlfriend, who does not only advise me in better jibing. Besides personal changes there were some changes in the PWA Slalom 42 rules for 2008 races decided.

“The PWA Board recently voted to keep the maximum number of races at Slalom events at 15. But, there will be a third discard introduced after 13 races. It was also stated clearly that 15 races is a â??maximumâ? and not a â??Targetâ?? that Race Directors would be encouraged to try and reach.

(>>So far we only had two discards. It could make it more exciting concerning starting tactics. In my opinion it´s cool that they will keep on going with 15 races. 4 races are the maximum ammount of eliminations per day. So we will need at least 4 days to go for 15 races. Different wind and waveconditions are guaranteed.)

There’s been much discussion surrounding the number of boards and sails to be used on the PWA Slalom circuit. For 2008, the system will stay the same with all sailors registering 4 sails and 2 boards for each individual event. But, to help limit the amount of equipment that competitors need to travel with, a new system will be implemented for 2009 whereby all sailors register 6 sails and 3 boards at their first event of the year.

(>> If you go for the Canary tour events, you have to bring 3 boards and 5-6 sails anyway and for some events you just need 42, like Ulsan or Alacati. It´s all about the eventlocation, the spot. With more gear you can eventually guarantee more racing. In my opininon it should never be opened totally and it does not look like. And it´s definitely cool, to race on production gear. The companies have to produce good gear).

And donâ??t forget the Jokerâ?¦

Competitors will also be allowed to play a â??Jokerâ? at any one event of their choosing, at which they will be allowed to register one additional board and sail for that event only.

Funny idea!!

(source:©PWA / Brian McDowell)

the little changes in life, from hippie to marketing manager within 20 minutes (haircut: Kerstin Reiger)