South Korea Journey 2012

This morning I was walking down the beach and through the green forest of pines. It was my last relaxed morning walk here at Jinha. Still I have a lot of memories in my mind of an event, which was fun and challenging at the same moment. For the very first time I made it in all quarter finals at an event since I started Slalom racing back in July 2005. But this time it was not only a cool windsurfing experience. I also found enough time to follow the South Korean lifestyle and see some other places thanks to Mr. Han, the event organiser. And today I saw the Island of Myeoungseoudo covered in real fog! We really were lucky with the wind as the wind never reached suitable conditions since the event came to an end!

Overall it really paid off to come to Korea in 2012. We sailed 5 full eliminations in attractive conditions. But it was a last minute decision while the event in Italy. Due to the fact, that two events, Aruba and Marseille got cancelled.  4-5 more events will follow and hopefully some strong wind conditions. So far I only used the Reflex III in 7,8/8,6 and 9,2 and the iSonic 117 wide or the 107. It´s time for the 87 with 7,0 and smaller.

Overall I finished 27th here at Jinha and this result makes me happy.

My plan is to compete in Croatia on the island of Brac in the beginning of June and then straigt travel to Costa Brava.


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