Speedfreak update

Honestly I was super happy to improve my personal top speed at my homespot Lake Neusiedl up to 67,24 km/h in the late autumn of 2010. The small gear, iSonic 86 plus Reflex 6,2 on an Enigma 430 works brilliant. I used my smallest Slalom fin of Pfaffi´s S1 Slalom, with 31,5 cm. This fin has a bit more rake and can produce some extra speed combined with the necessary control.

For a moment the gusty southern wind dropped a bit and picked up 10 minutes later again. The little waves were more in order and I felt good acceleration in the middle of the lake. Check out the article on star-board.com.

Nice moments at the Lake Neusiedl at Podersdorf (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

By the end of 2010 we met KP at Semmering, an Austrian ski resort, where his girlfriend Resi Stiegler took place in the FIS night slalom, what´s the highest league in skiing compareable to the PWA in windsurfing. Was cool meeting KP in the snow – it was freezing cold despite 5 layers – and not at one of the worldtour stops. We took a cup of hot spiced wine while KP drank an almost frozen can of beer. We spoke about the near future and our goals in windsurfing. Was super interesting!

Resi, who already qualified twice for the second run in her comeback season, tried all to qualify for the second run – the top 30 make it into the next round – but missed it very close. Next time you will make it Resi, it´s your comeback season!

KP, Resi and myself in the finishing area after the race (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

Resi Stiegler in the last part of the slope at Semmering while the first run (Pic: Kerstin Reiger).

© Chris Pressler, Pics by Kerstin Reiger 2011