Starboard Teamriders on top of freestyle in Fuerteventura 2006

16 ladies and 44 men did compete in the this years PWA Freestyle event at the super windy spot of Sotavento. The last event took place here in 2004 and as well it should be the first PWA freestyle battle with the best riders of the world in this season. (In Austria in spring there was no wind).

The Starboard team was present with the whole crew of freestylers. Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU-91), Anna Jönsson (S-78), Taty Frans (NB-9), Kiri Thode (NB-61), Nik Warmuth (US-36), Colin Sifferlen (NC-4), Frank Diaz (E-200) and Chri Reisch (AUT-89).

Sarah-Quita, the 15 year old lady from Bonaire made the change in the top womens freestyle windsurfing ranking possible. The curly hair seldom got wet while landing switchstance moves. Her Esliders, Punetas and Switch Chachoos on the EVO 80 could convince the judges in every single heat.
Just once, in the second double elimination final, she seemed to struggle with the conditions. Daida, the forward loop machine, could win the first run. But in the, I would say, most important heat of her life Sarah-Quita kept her concentration, started more on the inside and could handle the super strong wind. She landed an onehanded Flaka in 35 knots powered up on her 3.1 m sail. Obviously it was not necessary to land loops to win the women´s freestyle competion this year.
The superstylish sailing lady from Aruba defined the rules in a new way and could win against Daida without doing one single forward. For the next months, she will focus on her Shakas, Loops and move combinations but will not forget to attend the swimm training, visit the tennis court and play the piano.

Taty Frans was already seen in all disciplines this year. Inside the waves of Pozo, in the Super-X events of Costa Brava and Lanzarote and the Slalom 42 Race on Fuerteventura.
And, as well he was not missing the biggest Freestyle show of the year 2006, the PWA event on Fuerteventura.
Already in the warmup sessions on the 26th the super relaxed sailor from Bonaire could impress with sick combinations like Ponch into double Flaka or Puneta 900.
But the level of the topwindsurfers was really high this year. Unfortunately he lost against Gollito Estredo in the first single elimation in the quarter final, but could fight back with a great show in the double elimination on the 28th of July. Taty sailed six heats in a row, kicking out following guys: Thomas Traversa, Antxon Otaegui, Anthony Ruenes, Kiri Thode, his brother Tonky Frans and Gollito Estredo.
But Gollito, the winner of the first single elimination, could fight back against a already tired Taty in the second final.
In the final result Taty jumped on the second position of the podium.

Kiri Thode (16) â??the big name killerâ??. He kicked out very experienced sailors like Ricardo Campello, Kauli Seadi, twice Andre Paskowski etc. With sensational style he presented big Shakas, double Grubbies, double Spocks, double Punetas into Geckoflacks, etc. and he had as well the highest amount of moves with a high difficulty in his heats. But he said, that he is even able to show more in flat water conditions.
He has proved that he is a real opponent for everybody in all conditions and he made a really wild step forward in Freestyle Windsurfing.