Statements of some riders on the day after the 27th

Sarah-Quita Offringa, the winner of the firts women single elimination: “I´m very happy about the victory. I could land a lot of my moves. But I can do more moves like Funnel, Switchstance Chacho. I tried to win here, but did not expect to first. My plan is to improve the shaka and the spinloops to complete my programm.”

Karin Jaggi, winner of the this years Fuerte PWA Slalom 42 event: ” I did decide not to go in the freestyle competition this year because of problems in time-management. The freestyle event will be finished on the 31st and I´ve to leave to Alacati/Turkey for ther PWA Slalom 42 event two days before. Besides I also compete in the Speedevent in Sotavento and it happens in the same time like the freestyle. It´s quite a strange feeling not to compete in the freestyle event. I did not watch one single heat yesterday.”

Kiri Thode, third in the single of the men´s freestyle competition 2006: “My heats were fun. The wind was good, but I have a lot more tricks in my pockets. I will try to win and get the title in this event.”

Tine Slabe from Slovenia, still in the fight for the title:”I made the heat of my life against the Austrian Michi Rossmeier and landed most of the moves I can do.Against Remko I went for it and made it. My key to the success is just to go for it and try to do the best. If I do good, I do good. The move of the day from yesterday was for sure the willyskipper of Tonky with one hand off and hooked in….”

Cyril Moussilmani, the yesterdays winner in the ISA Speedcompetition: “First I went on the 91 l board, 32 cm upwind fin with 6,8 m. The angle of the wind was 140 to 145 degree, very deep. Then I changed to 6,3 and 80 liters and made it. My average 500 m speed was 36,97 knots. On my GPS I had 41 knots topspeed this day. In good conditions i can make for sure more than 40 knots on the 500 m.”