Stormfront on the lake

While the day it was warm and relaxed. But suddenly a lot of dark clouds arrived on the sky and the wind picked up from northeasterly direction. It was time to leave the flat at 18.30.  I fixed an EVO 80 for Kerstin and a Flare 99 for myself on the roof. Arriving at the beach of Podersdorf the wind kicked in already with 25 knots. Kerstin went on a 4.0 m² K-Onda and myself on the same model in 5,0 m². In the beginning the sizes were great, but the wind picked up more and more. In the end around 20.30 the wind was sick, water was flying away from the whitecaps. More than 30 knots for sure. Carved in some classic 360ties and had a view over my sail on the flying water line. Kerstin sailed great and could handle her gear in the super strong gusts. Will be fun in Pozo this year sailing together. At 21.30 we finished our session. The sun was already far down behind the hills of the Leitha mountains.

See you,