Sylt 2010

It´s my 5th time up here in Sylt. 2005, 2007 till 2010. This time we see a very calm Sylt. So far the wind never picked up above 20 knots and no big onshore waves crashed on the shore of Westerland. 6 days of the event are over and 4 days more are to go. We had one round of Slalom yesterday. My first heat got cancelled, because the wind dropped totally on teh final leg. I was subplanning next to my opponent Enes Yilmazer, who also stopped completely. I sailed back to beach and decided to change gear. Instead of my 8,6 I grabbed my 9,6 and changd to my biggest fin. My Austrian collegues Max and Manuel gave me a hand. When I showed up at the starting line I had to recognize that I was too late to take a correct timing on my starting watch. When I passed the starting boat on the way out, I asked for the number of the heat and Thijs answered quite loud: “Number 8!” The resail of my heat was in the last minute of preparation. I was too late and had no timing, just followed the fleet, but was far too late at the line. I finished 6th and was out after the first round.

My bad second start on the resail of my first heat.

But it looks like that we will get some more eliminations done. From tomorrow on the wind from southeasterly direction should pick up and get strong towards the weekend. The wind will blow side offshore from the left at Westerland and the races will be held far outside. I never had this direction of wind while the last 4 times on Sylt So let´s see if this direction will be a suitable one!

Back to the beach with 131 and 9,6.

The Austrian competitors: Manuel, Max and myself.