The autograph of Björn

Was my first time to ask Björn Dunkerbeck for an autograph. Why? Should I´ve done it years before? It was not so easy to get it, because the 35 times worldchampion is quite busy, also if it´s not windy. And I prefered not to line up with 20 fans in between 60 and 80 years old waiting for the gold worth autograph. Besides I did it in favour of a third party. The story: Christoph St. sent me an email and asked as following: “Hi Chris, is it possible for you to get an autograph of Björn D.. I could win, perhaps, the trip around the world. But it should be done on a piece of clothing.” Sure, I will do it. It´s a cool story. The event lycra, which could be worth gold, is on the way to Carinthia, with the autograph of Björn D..