The iSONICS 2010

I kept on testing the new 2010 wood carbon iSONICS at my homespot and got cool conditions for the next Formula session.

The Formula session was definitely sweet. Grey in grey, clouds, late afternoon and 5 – 10 knots eastwind with super flat water. Pfaffi, my local testpartner and myself sailed along the reed. I got the chance to test a handmade fin from Pfaffi and felt good speed on my 11,0 and 162. Would say this session caught me to invest more time into this kind of windsurfing.

At the lake in Podersdorf (Pic:

At the lake in Podersdorf, where we stated teh Formula session (Pic:

Just before the last light went away we made it back to the beach.

Some days later we went for iSONIC 121 testing. The question was: has the new 121 more lightwind performance? We had 12 to 18 knots. Pfaffi and myself compared the 122 from 2009 in wood edition with the 121 wood carbon. It was my second ride on this model. I already had the chance to jump on the 121, but in wood, at the dealers- and importersmeeting at Sotavento.

Definitely the new 121 starts to plan and accelerate very early. Both the boards were fast. We were on Code Reds 8,1 and 8,3, but switched boards. The new model had a great jibing performance and felt extremely good on all courses, also on extreme upwind and deep downwind.

Now it´s time to compare the 131 with the 121, but have to find the right day with the perfect windconditions for 8,8 /9,0 m sails.

Tomorrow we will head down to Sibenik, Croatia to compete in Formula- and Slalomraces at the Jadrija Hallowind, which is the Supercup final. It starts on the 29th of October.

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